The Role of the Escrow Officer

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Buyers and Sellers can choose their escrow company. The Escrow Officer is a neutral third party, and has one primary purpose - to close the transaction according to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement. This involves clearing title, acting as intermediary among interested parties, facilitating the signing of all closing and lender documents, receiving and disbursing funds, and recording the appropriate vesting and security documents.

Transactions can often become very complicated when lenders, attorneys, family members, guardians, trustees, personal representatives, government agencies, creditors and lien holders get involved. Swift Escrow Company is here to simplify things for you. We'll help you understand the steps, answer your questions, and lead you throughout the process. Our personal dedication is to YOU, our customer.

What We Do
Escrow is a third-party account where funds are held until conditions in a contract are completed. This process is most applicable to real estate closings regarding buy and sell agreements. Escrow officer duties include reviewing real estate contracts, loan applications and deeds, as well as helping buyers secure real estate financing to pay off mortgages. These professionals must make sure that all parties fulfill their legal and financial obligations before funds are disbursed and escrow transactions are completed.

Swift Escrow Company will:

  • Be the liaison between all involved parties.
  • Verify the current vesting or owner of the property prior to creating escrow instructions.
  • Prepare escrow instructions.
  • Request a beneficiary's statement or pay-off demand for existing financing.
  • Adhere to lender's requirements specified in escrow the agreement.
  • Accept purchase funds from the buyer.
  • Prepare/secure the deed or other escrow documents.
  • Pro-rate taxes, interest, insurance and other details per escrowinstructions.
  • Release contingencies or other conditions.
  • Record deeds and other documentation per escrow instructions.
  • Pay funds authorized by instructions (title insurance, recording fees, real estate commissions, etc.)

Escrow officers often witness the signing of real estate closing documents to ensure legality.

Finalizing Paperwork
The real estate closing process involves a lot of paperwork. Escrow officers facilitate and finalize all closing documents, release funds from the escrow account and answer questions for all parties in a neutral manner.

What an Escrow Officer Doesn't Do
An escrow officer will never offer legal or investment advice, or negotiate transactions.